August 5, 2011


We're team of Visual Honyaku.
We will post here lyrics to the songs of your favourite Japanese artists (mostly j-rock/metal/etc.), at the beginning in 3 languages:
* Japanese Kanji/Romaji
* English
* Polish
but we hope, our database will grow up in collaboration with people from other countries!

Where the idea came from?
I (Ariane) was browsing pages about Japanese music on the Internet, mostly with lyrics, and I noticed that many of them have huge mistakes or incorrect lyrics/translations, or even translations made by newbie fans in Google Translate. It saddened me a bit... I'm doing translations and transcriptions by myself from Japanese to other languages and I was posting them on my DA journal, so the idea of making this site appeared. I contacted my dear friend Shadow and asked her about this idea. From the beginning she will take care of this site and translations with me. For now we're asking for forbearance, because it's the first time we use blogspot =)

We hope you will like our translations and show it to us :)
See you soon!

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