I am creating Visual Honyaku from my love to Japanese music for all of its fans, and for Japanese language itself. 
I am really happy, that I can help you understand your favorite songs and interviews of your favorite bands!
For now I am translating them to English and Polish (on request).

Please, feel free to make requests!
And support the project! ^-^/

Attention! Lyrics have not been revised yet, so some of the old translations may contain mistakes. If you find some, please, contact me!

♠ Ariane
Digital Artist / Translator / Manager / Versailles & Jupiter Team Member

Part: translating, transcribing, corrections in Japanese lyrics
Likes: Galneryus, metal, tea, fantasy, books, ゲゲゲの鬼太郎
Speaks: Polish, English, Japanese, Russian, German
Lives: Tokyo, Japan
Japanese proficiency & experience: Fluent. Working as an interpreter for Japanese artists and overseas artists coming to Japan; has been interpreting live interviews, fan/artist meetings; translating commentaries, articles about music, and more...

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