June 29, 2012

Greetings ^^/


I want to thank to everyone, who is reading this site for your support! I'm truly moved and grateful ♥
Though I want to say sorry for lack of activity, I had pretty busy time lately; also work for Versailles ST absorbs me more now (we opened the project of members' blog/twitter translations and I'm one of our two main project supervisors as I'm translating directly from Japanese), because I can finally focus on this.
I really want to back now with translations too, so it would be nice if you asked for something concrete.
If not, I'll continue translating bands, I've already began.

I prepared for you finished interview with TERU from Rock&Read vol. 39 and you can find it here -> TERU R&R 39
I hope you will like it (your opinions are welcome!)! It's pretty long, so brace yourselves!