April 27, 2014

Jupiter for LOUD & METAL ATTACK comment

ZIN: Hello everyone, who watches us on Creative Man site! We are Jupiter!
This time, Jupiter will perform at Finnish event "LOUD & METAL ATTACK", which gathers Finnish metal and hard-rock bands.
In the past Japanese bands, who performed there were for example Outrage, Anthem, Liv Moon and this time we - Jupiter - are honored to be Japan's representative.
When it comes to Finland I have a feeling that many cool bands are from Finland, for example my beloved Sonata Arctica and Children of Bodom. Moreover, they have also Moomins, so Finland is a country with many cool characters.
This time, on the event will appear only amazing bands, so by playing together our beloved metal and hard-rock we want to make this event great. Moreover, because we - Jupiter - wielding Japanese flag, will also appear on the stage, we would like to ask you to come see us by all means.
At the end again, we will be waiting for you on 24th of May (Sat) in Shinkiba STUDIO COAST at "LOUD & METAL ATTACK"!
It was Jupiter! See you!

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