April 22, 2014

Jupiter for Japan FM

Interview with Jupiter for JAPAN FM 2014

Special thanks to: 33Degrees
ENG-JAP & JAP-ENG translation: Ariane
JAP-FR translation: Japan FM


Zin: Hello, we’re Jupiter. I’m Zin.

Hizaki: Bonjour. I’m Hizaki, the guitarist.

Japan FM: Could you please introduce each other?

Zin: This is Jupiter’s leader, great composer and super guitarist, Hizaki. Having most amazing talents great princess.

Hizaki: Jupiter’s vocalist, Zin. Amazing voice. When we were forming the band, we searched around the whole country to find the vocalist, but he has the most beautiful voice in whole Japan.

Zin: Thank you!

Japan FM: Where do you find your inspiration?

Zin: Communication with fans. For example during LIVEs, but also on Twitter and Facebook. Communication with our fans gradually increases my motivation.

Hizaki: I learn a lot about culture and history of Europe, so during writing the lyrics, I make use of this knowledge and their stimulation.

Japan FM: Why did you choose the name “Jupiter”?

Hizaki: Earlier, Teru, Masashi, Yuki and I were in the same band Versailles, which announced hiatus and we decided to start new activities in this band. When it comes to previous band, we were using the theme of France, Versailles, because it’s a place where is Palace of Versailles and we really liked this Palace. When this time we were thinking about what should characterize us, we thought of the universe. We took the keyword “Jupiter”, because at the same time I was a little bit addicted to astrology and astronomy. At that time I learned that planet Jupiter carries the meaning of happiness, and this is also ours message – to continuously move forward – that’s why we chose this name.

Japan FM: You just finished your first European tour. Tell us about your impressions.

Zin: Well, for me, Zin, it was first overseas trip, but everyone was really full of power, so we were able to play really exciting LIVEs. Honestly, I think that I gave a lot from myself, but I received the same amount of power from you. It was amazing.

Hizaki: For me, it’s probably 5th European tour. In the past, each year fans were coming to see lives not only for simple Visual Kei, that’s why this time what we felt was that we are able to play more in rock style. I think that we were able to play amazing rock LIVE, concerts of rock band from Japan.

Japan FM: Did any funny happening occurred during this tour?

Zin: Well, we had small problems with gear. The voltage in Japan and Europe slightly differs.

Hizaki: And we had some problems with gear, which we brought from Japan. But moreover, we lost our shoes, right?

Zin: Ah, yes, we lost shoes *laughs*

Hizaki: They ran from the car *laughs*

Zin: They just ran *laughs* But when I think of it now, it’s a positive memory.

Japan FM: Do you have any rituals before entering the stage?

Zin: Rituals before entering the stage… I, for example, drink energy drinks and try to rise the tension. I make few exercises to warm up my body and throat.

Hizaki: I, for example, play the guitar. My motivation and tension are high from the beginning of the day. I always pray before entering the stage. But what am I praying to? To God obviously!

Zin: To God! *laughs*

Japan FM: What message did you include on the album Classical Element?

Hizaki: The name of the album means four elements: fire, earth, water and wind. In ancient Europe it was believed that world was built from those four elements. Moreover we added also great existence motif – ether – the place, in which God lives. We included the message that we want, together with our fans, reach this place. And the message that we want to improve our souls.

Japan FM:  Among all of your songs, which one is your favourite and why?

Zin: Frankly speaking, each song of Jupiter is fantastic. For me, as for Jupiter’s fan, all of the songs are amazing, but since I like gothic songs, “Decadence” makes me vivid.

Hizaki: Well, “Blessing of the Future” or “Scarlet”, which are representative songs of Jupiter. But also newly released “Last Moment”, they are all songs, which only Jupiter could ever play and which represent us.

Japan FM: What do you think about the new single “Last Moment”?

Zin: As a vocalist of the band I tried to overcome my limits. Since then I never challenged myself like that, but I wanted to sing depths of Jupiter. Just like other members do it when they play, I wanted to show you deep meaning of Jupiter.

Hizaki: “Last Moment” itself is beautiful. It carries the beauty, which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And the message, which we convey is to live cherishing every single moment and share them with others; in our case – with fans.

Japan FM: Tell us about Jupiter’s plans for the future.

Zin: Jupiter is the most beautiful rock band in the world and we are intend to make our songs recognizable by wider audience, audience around the world.

Hizaki: Speaking of shorter time, we’d like to go on big European tour. If we will get a lot of support from you, we will come. There still are countries about which we know not much, so invite us!

Zin & Hizaki: It was Jupiter! Thank you and see you!


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