April 22, 2014

Jupiter for club Zy. MAG

Exclusive long interview

Jupiter | take off to the universe!

杉江由紀 (Sugie Yuki) for Club Zy. MAG
Translation: Ariane

This world is an ultimate Visual Kei.
I think we need to focus especially on it.

Rhythm section of Versailles, who with the end of last year announced their hiatus, after inviting vocalist ZIN started their activities again as a band of great meaning – Jupiter. More violently, beautifully, dramatically… Jupiter, who may be called “the quintessence of Visual Kei”, being saviors of the scene, are already strongly stimulating it – in July with their debut single, in August with debut album, in September with first one-man LIVE and first country-wide tour, which has been started in October. “What Jupiter are?”, we asked those five men.

                In Babylonian and Greek mythology it was believed that Jupiter is the main symbol of power over the gods. In the times, when it was believed that Sun is a being reigning over the Earth, people worshipped Jupiter, the biggest planet resembling the Sun, believing that it is a being reigning over the skies.
                Lead by the strange twist of fate, united under the name of Jupiter five its representatives. Currently in their full splendor they stoically strive for taking the control of the scene, which so far only gives signs of being plunged into chaos. But what is their purpose? What exactly is this world painted by energetic and full of ideas Jupiter? We would like to find out the truth from words spoken by the five members of the band.

- In August this year, Jupiter released their first full album “Classical Element”, playing their first gigs at the same time. Then, in September your first one-man show has been successfully completed. Although you newly started your activities, you hit a very good start as a band.

ZIN: I think that probably everyone, who came to see our LIVEs feel that we’ve really been able to prepare good staging in response to their expectations. Moreover, because we saw a credible vision of the future, that we can become something even greater, now as a Jupiter, after such a great beginning, we can move toward another goals.

- Jupiter is a band, which was born because of the fate-directed meeting of the vocalist ZIN and four musicians, who already played together in one band. But I think that at the start of your activities unexpected twists also appeared. However, isn’t it already a matter of the past?

HIZAKI: No. Of course there are people, who like our previous band and they follow us in the wake of its memory. We fully understand their feelings, but we also hear conversations, in which opinions like “I don’t like Jupiter at all” appear. That’s why probably it didn’t become a matter of the past for us yet. The fact is that when it comes to these people, we would like to convince also them to the music created by us as Jupiter. In addition, we should gain new fans. There are many things, which Jupiter should do for now.

- When it comes to Jupiter, for what particular reason this band has been created? Please, introduce yourself once more.

HIZAKI: I can’t say anything about the concept (laughs). We just adopted the name of Jupiter, so we want to strive to ensure people, that our activities are bringing the image as large as the universe to mind.  And then the philosophy. I think that we want to be a band, which will convey the message to all people listening to Jupiter, that they should keep the faith for the future.

- Your focusing on those two subjects could be felt in both of your works: released very fast single “Blessing of the Future”, which premiere dates back to July and announced in August album “Clasical Element”.

HIZAKI: Now I have more opportunities than before to write lyrics myself. I think that my interests also become visible because of this. But unexpectedly, it turned out that ZIN-kun also has this kind of philosophical side.
ZIN: Indeed, it’s something very common for us two.

- If so, do you often have deep conversations?

HIZAKI: In fact, usually not at all (laughs) But if we talk about lyrics, we talk a lot.
ZIN: That’s true. I’m really happy that in the band there are people, who have the same sensitivity as I do. On the other hand, TERU-san composing often uses in songs and lyrics simple good quality, which is the contrast for us. I think that this contrast became an interesting aspect of Jupiter. Jupiter works properly represent everything, that no one else, only members of this band are able to create.
HIZAKI: When it comes to science, there’s also a theoretical element in TERU.
TERU: Or maybe it’s just bigotry (laughs)
HIZAKI: But even if at first glance it would seem that our opinions differ, if to look closely, in the end we reach the common version. It happens very often.
ZIN: Right. Methods are different, but the goal is one.
TERU: Oh really? Very possible.

- In such situation, what attitude would you take the most often, Masashi-san, Yuki-san?

MASASHI: When it comes to the lyrics, I think that I can’t write them, so I’m just watching what others have written and I often think about this or that. As for my attitude, what should it be? Surprising (laughs)?

- You might say “mysterious”.

MASASHI: Right, because I not always even get myself. I think that in this matter, from my point of view, YUKI is a much more sustainable person.
YUKI: What do you mean by that? It’s better to say that I’m more like a chameleon. I try to remember to be as calm as it’s possible. When it comes to drumming, I feel that exists the correct connection between me and messages sent by each of the members.

- So you just thought that “If we think about it carefully, we will come to an agreement”. Thus, have ever scenes of acute exchange of views between your five occurred?

HIZAKI: When it comes simply to exchange of views, it practically doesn’t happen. For example, if any of us has a question it means that surely there would be someone among the fans, who would ask the same question. Which means, that we create and play music, so as to be able to reach everyone with something, what only we are able to create, our five as Jupiter.

- It actually makes sense.

ZIN: That’s why, even if it comes to writing lyrics, we all take an active part in it before recordings. Everyone play the song keeping its words in mind, so we become naturally filled not only with sounds but also with emotions consistent with it.

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