May 2, 2014

Mejibray ViSULOG #3 Interview

Interview: Yamamoto Takaya
Translation: Ariane

SMis MEJIBRAY’s style, doesn’t it?” (Tsuzuku)

- On 7th of May you’re releasing your first single collection SM, but first of all, what does SM title mean?
Tsuzuku: SM is MEJIBRAY’s style, doesn’t it?

- Why have you decided to release single collection with such title?
Tsuzuku: It’s prepared also for June’s Zepp DiverCity, but we’re releasing it to show what kind of band MEJIBRAY is in one piece of work. It’s prepared with a view of introduction, but there are also renewed songs, like for example KILLING ME, so it’s a work, which will allow people, who liked MEJIBRAY till now to enjoy it.
Koichi: We had a lot of releases till now and with having it, we’re heading to Zepp DiverCity.
Meto: ……..
Ruana: He says… I think that Zepp DiverCity’s performance will be surely big, so from then new MEJIBRAY will be born.
Tsuzuku: But I think that releasing single collection just at this time is great idea. I think that if people, who until now were reading about MEJIBRAY in magazines, watching us on YouTube will experience that all at once, probably they may think of buying it.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… “DiverCity” contains the same as “Divergence”. Is it coincidence?
Koichi: Maybe it was decided from the very beginning?

- For sure entering into your world by single collection is easy.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… I think that it’s really easy to come to Zepp DiverCity, because you had possibility to listen to new songs, to our previous releases, watch lives on our releases from March.

- What benefits will we get, when ordering first press limited edition?
Tsuzuku: Pamphlet with special photoshoot and MV to “KILLING ME”, which haven’t been recorded till now.

- Are there songs, which were newly recorded?
Tsuzuku: “KILLING ME” and “Divergence” were recorded once again.

- What kind of record is MV to “KILLING ME”?
Tsuzuku: I’d say it embodies life and death… . Each character rises firmly, so I think it’s interesting to watch.
Koichi: In terms of fishes, it’s a deep-sea fish.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… It’s really “KILLING ME”.

- Please, tell us on what we should take a close look.
Tsuzuku: Till now, we haven’t shown connection between members, so it’s also worth seeing. Anyway, I think it’s better to watch it from the angle.
MiA: Watch it please.
Koichi: I played with my hair not pinned up for the first time.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… and I showed tighs.

- What else we can find in the booklet, not counting photo session?
Tsuzuku: In the booklet you can find also photos from the photosession, but also cover and artworks in the inside. Anyway, I think it’s gorgeous. And big.
Koichi: Special edition looks like witchcraft book, you feel like if you became a magician, so I want you to experience that.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… Hm? Pay attention to two pages photos!!

Isn’t there the most beautiful Tsuzuku in the first half?(Tsuzuku)

- Your tour has the title “Kessei 3 shuuen zenkoku nana daitoshi ONEMAN TOUR』「Shinshou: SM=Itsuka hibiki wataru utsukushiki minikui voice diver」~goyakore wa minarenu mono de ippaina akumu , maen(sabat) no sanaka ni nirareru taiji, rouba no ekeshou, akuma woyuuwaku shiyou tote, kutsushita naosu hadaka no shoujo.~”, but what does it mean?
(“ONEMAN TOUR in seven metropolis commemorating 3 years of activity” ‘New Chapter: SM=someday resounding beautifully disgusting voice diver’ ~goya*, fetus boiled on sabat full of unfamiliar nightmares, make-up of the old woman, tempting devil, naked girl putting back her socks.~
*Goya means the time in the night from midnight till about 5am
Tsuzuku: It’s like you read. Friends, who like things that happen in Tsuzuku’s head will surely understand the meaning of this list of words, it will be fine if everyone will laugh.

- So what kind of tour it will become?
Tsuzuku: Comparing it to previous ones, it will be “Short” for sure.
Koichi: This time we can visit many regions, so I can’t wait.

- Please, tell me something about your enthusiasm toward this tour.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… New meto will make this tour bloom.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… I want to erase the concept of drums and make different things, so now I’m thinking of it.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… while it’s MEJIBRAY, I want to play until we won’t disturb you.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… But my face, while I’m playing will be still disgusting, so during this tour I’ll be playing while looking down.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… But it’s useless to not put much force into it, so MiA and Koichi are sad because they can’t see my face.

- And why is that?
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… Because seeing my disgusting face during LIVE seems to be calming.
MiA: Totally.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… But really, this tour will be enjoyable because of many reasons.

- Koichi-kun, and what do you think?
Koichi: We are able to reach our primary goals with our hands, so I want our audience to feel it too. Speak not, just watch.
MiA: I can’t wait for both Zepp Divercity Tokyo and for this tour.
Tsuzuku: I really can’t wait for Zepp Divercity Tokyo. I think that we can grow during this gross tour, so wouldn’t there be the most beautiful Tsuzuku in the first half of it? I think I will shine for sure.

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