May 1, 2014

Mejibray for ViSULOG #2

Interview: Yamamoto Takaya
Translation: Ariane

- Continuing from the last interview, let us hear about songs coming together with “RAVEN”. At first, what does "Madari" stand for?
Tsuzuku: It's just  Tsuzuku’s-spelling.

- Which means?
Tsuzuku: I can’t tell you that. How MEJIBRAY's meaning can’t be explained, this also can’t.

- What does it mean in the lyrics?
Tsuzuku: It's being furious, angry to the limits.

- But it sounds cute.
Tsuzuku: Oh really? Katakana also looks cute, in 2014 MEJIBRAY are cute for sure.

- So there was something that made you that angry?
Tsuzuku: Expressing unstoppable fury.

- Excuse me? (Tsuzuku used Gyaru slang, that's why interviewer didn't understand)
Koichi: He might not understand slang used by young people (laughs)
Tsuzuku: It's highest grade for "Geki-oko punpun maru" (used in question 3, translated by me already) and this is its cuter version.

- Highest grade of anger?
Tsuzuku: But the truth is that I'm not that angry (laughs) But I will leave, what makes me angry, to our readers.

- But how about the song?
MiA: The theme is “easy to understand”, but its tempo is fast.
Meto: ………………
Ruana: He says that… Test title was also easy to understand.
MiA: But impossible to write.
Meto: ……………...
Ruana: He says that…. Perhaps, it was the order to “play the drums like this”.
Koichi: Tempo of bass was quite fast, so it became completely intuitive for my hand. Searching among our previous songs, maybe there are some songs in which happened the same. But from what do I play more important is “the way I play”.
MiA: This time there is also a lot of vocals, that’s why I want you to listen focusing on it too. But we didn’t witnessed it during recordings…. (reference to the first interview of the series)
Meto: ………….
Ruana: He says that…. When it comes to drums, in comparison to “RAVEN” it really has the shape of demo version, I mean that we just added our lines to demo.
Meto: …………..
Ruana: He says that…. Moreover, you should listen to Koichi’s first bass.

- In this song drums were also recorded in the end?
Meto: ……….
Ruana: He says drumming was recorded in the end.
Koichi: I’m always first.

- And why you record drums at the end?
Meto: ………
Ruana: He says that… because I want to become vocalist….
Everyone: *laugh*
Meto: ………
Ruana: He says… I heard that this kind of way of recording was used earlier, so I put it into practise, but lately I thought, isn’t it really better?
Tsuzuku: But probably, order doesn’t change anything.
Meto: ……….
Ruana: He says... I hate the way of thinking that “Drums are setting the rhythm”, I want to play like if I was “singing”.

- Let’s talk about “Koe ga kieru made”.
MiA: I tried to write it because I wanted this kind of song. Lately all of our songs had not much of the melodies, B melodies were shouts or templates, which became a bit monotonous, so at this time I thought of releasing (something new). Before going on last year’s tour we finished it and worked out its details during tour.
Koichi: In this kind of songs you can’t cheat, I mean, when there are shout parts, on bass I can also “strike!”, but here it’s impossible, so it’s involving.
Meto: ………….
Ruana: He says that… it was the most pleasant to play drumroll.
Meto: ………….
Ruana: He says that… In comparison to others, it was simple, but isn’t it surprisingly fashionable?

- How about the lyrics?
Tsuzuku: Content is straight. And katakana is cute.

- Great hook point was impressive.
Tsuzuku: I sang emotionally, but it’s a vocal range which I just don’t like. However, it’s easier for me if song is sung little bit higher.

-  This work, “Raven”, became what for MEJIBRAY?
Meto: ……….
Ruana: He says… “New work, which our 4 done after swarming like crows
Meto: ……….
Ruana: He says that… maybe it’s like hip-hop?
Tsuzuku: Yeah, because of rhymes.
Meto: ………
Ruana: He said… Yey!
Everyone: *laugh*
Tsuzuku: I think that MEJIBRAY are really cute. And can create cuteness.
Meto: ……….
Ruana: He said… But I hate it.
Tsuzuku: Those, whom we hate are cute, but also pathetic? Well,  generally it’s a collection of scum.
All girls, who’d seen it got wet. (Tsuzuku)

- Moreover, next release in March is second LIVE DVD A PRIORI UtaJoshou -Counting Goats- TOUR FINAL at TSUTAYA O-EAST.
Tsuzuku: Going from 7th song “-XV-“ to 8th one “Shitto”, thanks to synchronization in miraculous timing was really cool. Probably all the girls, who had seen it got wet (from tears).
Koichi: Transition between 3rd song “VIOLET” and 4th song “DIE KUSSE” was also good.
Meto: ……..
Ruana: He asks… do you get it?
Tsuzuku: But when we release DVD, audience will watch it frame-by-frame.
MiA: I hate when they do that…
Koichi: Because there are plenty of moments, when we look terrible.
Tsuzuku: My demented face lit by bottom lights is really awful.

- Speaking of lights, lights were awesome that day.
Tsuzuku: Because we worked with lightning technician, whom we trust.
Meto: …..
Ruana: He says that… this lightning technician likes MEJIBRAY.

- You were working together for a longer time?
Koichi: Since Shinjuku BLAZE LIVE, so it’s about 1 year already.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says that… he has “DIE KUSSE” set on his alarm.
Koichi: By the way, our Punch’s (manager) ringtone is “Sadisgate”.

- So again, what do you think of O-EAST’s LIVE?
MiA: It’s not recorded on DVD, but we had to change our outfits fast, so we were quite in rush all the time, but at the other hand it was fun. I think that we rarely have possibility to do that, so it was amazing experience.
Tsuzuku: I don’t want to do it again (laughs). But because we were changing our outfits, it was heavenly setlist.
MiA: For sure.
Koichi: My impressions about the LIVE were like always, but since we’ve set so many bass amplifiers, the sound was strong. I didn’t rely on specific effectiveness, but I focused on whole LIVE, that’s why I think this DVD became one, in which you can almost touch MEJIBRAY. Personally, I’m getting tired of LIVE DVDs after about 3rd song, but this time, when outfits were changing, I think I could watch it without getting bored.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says that he has no particular impressions, but has a feeling, which only he can understand.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… however, during performance many ideas came up to my mind, so I wondered if I can do it in the future, that’s why from now on I’m excited to try them.
MiA: Surely, I want you to watch it from the beginning till the end, without watching frames.
Tsuzuku: I’ve already said it, but transition between 7th song “-XV-“ and 8th song “Shitto” is really cool, so I want you to see it and before “worms” enters I’m throwing mic stand on the ground, which is also great. Moreover, my attitude is erotic.

- Indeed. Is there anything else, you paid attention on?
Koichi: We were in time with changing cloths.
Tsuzuku: But it all was done for the last second.
Koichi: We were putting outfits on while taking off another, going back on stage while finishing putting on the new ones.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says that… during encore his hip hurt awfully.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says… We almost had no time for a break, we’ve been missing timing for drinking water, during original performance I looked like if I was dying.
Tsuzuku: Meto sang the intro for “DIE KUSSE” which was amazing.
Meto: …….
Ruana: He says… probably the only thing standing out he did.
Tsuzuku: Moreover, meto’s face counting for first song’s “A priori” second strophe was disgusting.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says that this disgusting look is quite cool from afar.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says that… there is nothing cute in close-ups, so don’t look up at them.
Tsuzuku: But it was manly decision not to cut them out.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says… if you had cut them out, I wouldn’t be on the record at all.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says that… I’ve bought new drum set so I can’t wait for “Zepp Divercity Tokyo”.
MiA: It’s a set with Punch.
Tsuzuku: No other band has such.
Meto: ……
Ruana: He says… Maybe it will be even more standing out than vocals.
Koichi: If so, soon we’ll need to put Taro (to sing) in front of everyone, don’t you think?

- Who’s Taro?
MiA: Koichi’s technician.
Tsuzuku: Uncle-helper, right?
Koichi: He appears a lot on the DVD, so pay attention.
Tsuzuku: During 14th song “Black baccarat”, it’s only shimote, what was recorded.
Koichi: He was bewitched, maybe?
Tsuzuku: That’s fine, but each time I’d gone to shimote, Taro was looking only on Koichi. Even if I was in front of his eyes, he was looking past me.

- You’ve recorded also documentary?
Meto: …….
Ruana: He asks… am I not cute on this recording?
Tsuzuku: On that documentary Taro also shows up.
Koichi: He was with us all the time in March.

- On what should we pay attention while watching documentary?
Tsuzuku:  Taro was the best.
Koichi: I can’t wait to see what will happen with him during next tour.

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