April 25, 2012

Extra translations

Hello there!

This message is only about my new works.

As I'm working in Versailles World's Team, I want to help Them reach their fans and also I want to help Their overseas fans to understand their messages. That is why I decided to translate not only their lyrics but also interviews, messages, etc. I will post them in English and Polish and with help of my friends LK and ShizukaRen it will be translated to French and Romanian (I hope!).
* If you are interested only in translations of TERU-san's interviews/blog, please visit waitAminutes blog run by TERUtranslations! In fact, I will post my own translations of TERU-san's interviews here.
If you are interested in helping us, feel free to contact me (here or on my tumblr)!

I must ask you for not re-posting translations without credits and not copying them.Sometimes it is really hard work, so please, respect it!

Thank you!
Have fun!

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