September 5, 2013

Jupiter - Symmetry Breaking

Music & Lyrics: Hizaki
Transcription & translation: Ariane
Kanji: Official 'Classical Element' booklet


  1. I'd have to do a little research but I think that "mass of vacuum theory" may have something to do with some recent physics theories.

    1. Ok, I did some research and the song title and "mass of vacuum theory" are talking about quantum physics, particularly research being done in the LHC (Large Hydrogen Collider) at CERN.

      Here's my sources, if you're interested. I'm not entirely sure what it means since my knowledge of quantum physics is rather basic but because they come from Cornell University and Stack Exchange I think they're pretty viable sources.

    2. Thank you very much for your help!
      I knew about quantum physics [I was attending the lectures about Large Hadron Collider some time ago], though since it's not my favorite subject, I gave up on doing research ^^'
      I was rather thinking about metaphor included in this sentence. But highly possible that we won't understand it without knowing recent theories(>_<)

  2. Thank you for translating Jupiter's songs. It's been very hard being a fan, enjoying their music but not seeing a lot of Subtitles for English! Keep it up :)