November 15, 2016

Spinalcord - 四肢滅裂

Music & lyrics: Syu
Transcription & translation: Ariane
Note: Title means "Limbs in chaos", which refers to old death penalty - dismemberment with the use of horses. 

KANJI *:--☆--:*:--☆:*:--☆--:*:--☆-:

裁きの日が近づき 頭を抱える ただ一つの願いは叶わぬのか
夜も眠れない 身体が汗ばむ 胸の鼓動が 速く 速く 僕に打ち付ける

あなたが居たために 苦しみを抱えて 「四つ裂きにしてやる」と
あなた見つめ 睨みつけて

叶わぬ願い 叶わぬ夢 満たされぬ 心も 身体も

今僕に見える あなたの姿 今僕に見える あなたの

「未だ途切れない あなたの吐息が
涙も乾き切るほど こびりついて 離れない」

ROMAJI *:--☆--:*:--☆:*:--☆--:*:--☆-:

Sabaki no hi ga chikadzuki atama wo kakaeru tada hitotsu no negai wa kanawanu no ka?
Yoru mo nemurenai karada ga asebamu mune no kodou ga hayaku hayaku boku ni uchitsukeru

Anata ga ita tame ni kurushimi wo kakaete “yotsuzaki ni shiteyaru” to
Anata mitsume niramitsukete

Kanawanu negai kanawanu yume mitasarenu kokoro mo karada mo

Ima boku ni mieru anata no sugata ima boku ni mieru anata no

“Imada togirenai anata no toiki ga
Namida mo kawakigiru hodo kobiritsuite hanarenai”

ENGLISH *:--☆--:*:--☆:*:--☆--:*:--☆-:

The judgement day is coming, I’m full of worries, my only wish won’t come true?
I can’t sleep at night, my body gets sweaty, my own heart’s fast fast throbbing strikes me

Because you were there, I held suffering and said “I’ll split you into four pieces”
Watching you and you watching me

Wish that won’t come true, dream that won’t become reality, my heart and body, both not satisfied

Your face I see now, now I see your…

“Still stable your breath almost drying tears

Clung to me and won’t leave”


  1. Hi, do you translated the guttural chorus? you know what he says? thanks for translating btw

    1. Hi, unfortunately no, I've only translated the booklet version of lyrics (which doesn't contain that part), but I'll try to find out, what is sung there today. Thanks for the comment and support! :)

    2. Hey, sorry it took so much time, but I've been traveling and totally forgot to write reply once again. So, unfortunately guttural chorus is apparently forgotten. Initially there was some part about "suffering together", main char seems to ask the other one, but that's all what I've been provided. It was long time ago, it was sung in English and not written in booklet, so no one remembers.