March 29, 2015

DIAURA Tour Final - 31st January 2015, Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza

Author: Hikari
Editor: Neli
Publishing partner: Tora Tsuki

The 31. January had been the day of Diaura’s tour final and also the birthday of Diaura’s bassist Shoya. Together with a friend I arrived in Nakano a bit too early. The goods sale had just started and the line was long, since the wind was pretty strong and cold we had decided to pay the Nakano Broadway a visit. If you like anime and manga, you can find almost everything there. After that we searched for a nice small café, but only found one of the bigger chains, so we gave up and went back to the hall. Luckily the fans were allowed to wait inside, in a huge lobby.
The goods stand was still open, so we went there to look what they still had left.

A bit later an announcement was made, that the fans should line up. So everybody went outside and lined up.
It had been a seated live, so it did not matter where you had been standing in the line, since your seat would have been still the same. We lined up immediately to escape from the cold wind. Sadly the entrance was a bit delayed, but when it started everything was done pretty fast. Since the hall was pretty big there was no drinking fee as usually.
Our seats were in the middle-back part, but still good.
If you have never been to a seated live and wonder how that will work, do not worry. During the concert you stand and normally everybody puts the stuff on the chair so that you can move easily. While head banging you can grab on to the chair in front of you, which makes it sometimes easier to get wilder. After the main part you can sit a bit and rest, while calling for the encore. An advice from me for seated lives: please, put your belongings on the seat if you know the band has songs with moshing.
The bag will be in the way and might cause somebody to step on it or fall over it.

The intro started and everybody got off their seats, putting their belongings on the seats. Step by step the members entered the stage, getting a loud support from their fans and the first song ID” started. The fans raised their hands and the furitsuke along with Yo-ka, clapping their hands or forming a triangle with their hands. The fans were already in high spirits when the second song “MENASU” started. So an evening full of joy had started. That this evening would be full of head banging and messy hair was already shown during "赤い虚像“, which set the fans more on fire, while they head banged, had done furitsuke and jumped around. Diaura pushed their fans, who seemingly just wanted this show really to be the highest.

But not only head banging was on the agenda, which the four members of Diaura created.
Starting with "境界線" a slower part was introduced. The fans used this part to keep their breath steady, while listening to the melodious song. “ARIA” followed, which is also rather soft, but during that song the fans could not stand still anymore. At some parts they raised their hands again for furitsuke or cheering for Kei while he played his guitar solo.
The slower part was completely over with "イノセント" , a song, which let the fans went wild again.
The song was followed by the darker intro of TERRORS”. No matter what song Diaura played the fans were immediately into it, shaking the heads and the rest of their body to the music.
During the new song “FROM UNDER”, which haven’t been released yet, the stamina of the fans were tested.
The song owns a lot of Japanese moshing and normally of sedai, unless it isn’t a seated live. If it is a seated live, instead of sedai you will jump, while raising your hands followed by a short head banging part.
The fans happily moved to the right and left, clapping their hands before jumping and head banging.
While Yo-ka decided to run around freely through the first floor of the hall, the song continued. It felt like forever that we were moshing, jumping and head banging, while the vocal moved from one part of the hall to another while singing. Completely exhausted but with a really good feeling inside, the next song "失翼の聖域" started.
The song was not as exhausting as “FROM UNDER” but still no chance to get your breath steady again.

The song was over and the band left the stage and after a brief moment the fans started to call for the encore.
Once the band entered the stage again, the members made a small self-introduction, where everybody said something. Kei also started a cheering “battle” calling for the second floor to hear their voices before demanding the same from the first floor.
When it was Shoya’s turn everybody were cheering and a staff member entered the stage with a cake.
The fans started to make a sound close to “N’awww”, while Yo-ka was trying to make the fans cheer so loud, that Shoya would not notice the staff behind him with the cake. Sadly it did not work and the bassist turned around.
The vocalist made a hand moving showing that Shoya should turn away again, saying “You didn’t notice anything!” Everybody started laughing. Shoya tried to restart with his talk while pretending he had not noticed anything.
When it was about time to get the cake, the fans started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY when Yo-ka had showed them to start. For some reasons the third line was not carried out by the fans and you could imagine that the vocal was rolling his eyes when looking at the fans, for not singing properly. The lights were turned off and you basically could have only seen Shoya, Yo-ka and the cake. The bassist managed to blow out the candles in one go.
The staff took the cake away, while Shoya said “Thank you” and also explained, that he had thought something would be done, but he had no clue, so he was kind of asking himself the whole time, whether it would be done now or later
The encore started with REASON FOR TREASON”, again a song, where the fans could start getting crazy.
Before GARDEN OF EDEN” Yo-ka gave a long talk section about his feelings for the band and their time as band.

Sadly I cannot transmit this properly. But it was a perfect bridge for that song. A song without head banging, but furitsuke. The concert ended with TRIGGER” and "自壊 “ as the last two songs. An perfect ending, that could make the fans go wild once more. The band left the stage again and a canvas was lowered, showing the promotion of the announcement for the new single “RUIN” and the Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo Tour in May. The fans happy responded to that announcement and then grabbed their belongings rushing outside to line up for the goods stand to buy checki. Outside the hall the fans started trading checki, looking for their favorite member or talking to some other band members, who handed out flyers of their bands. Exhausted, but happily my friend and I went to another place to get some food and talk about the amazing concert, as well as checking out the new flyer of Diaura.


Triangle Vision
04.赤い虚像 05.砂上の夢 06.モラトリアム 07.Hypnosis
08.blind message
09.Case of Mussmurder
12.アリア 13.解離 14.イノセント 15.TERRORS
16.Beautiful Creature
17.Silent Majority
18.from under

01.Reason for Treason
03.Garden of Eden


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